Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Largest parade of Subaru cars

The record for the largest parade of Subaru cars was achieved by Subaru of America, Inc., Great Lakes Region, in partnership with the Village of Itasca, at 500 Park Boulevard in Itasca, Illinois, USA, on 11 July 2009. This record was confirmed by Guinness World Records'™ on-site Adjudicator Carlos Martínez. To achieve this feat, 339 Subaru owners drove their cars in a 4.1-mile (6.6-km) parade route through the town of Itasca.


In celebration of this achievement, Subaru of America, Inc., donated $7,000 to be shared equally by two charities. The recipient charities are:

Salute, Inc.
252 PAWS Chicago


Subaru of America, Inc., the Village of Itasca and the participating Subaru owners are very excited about this recognition and the opportunity to help two non-profit organizations.

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