Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Most People to Run a 100m Relay in 12 Hours

On Saturday, 23 May 2009, a new world record was achieved in the heart of east London, UK. A total of 1,675 people participated over a period of 12 hours to set a new record for the most people to run a 100 m relay in 12 hours.

Most People To Run a 100m Relay in 12 HoursThe event took place in Mile End Stadium in east London and was organized by the IF Charity. The funds raised from the event are going towards Save the Children’s Gaza Appeal, which provides humanitarian aid for the children in Gaza.

The Guinness World Records™ attempt was supported on the day by other activities and attractions for all members of the family, including a football tournament hosted by the London Tigers, poetry readings and comedians performing live on stage.

Politicians and celebrities joined thousands of people, who came from all across the UK to take part in the world record attempt.

Jim Fitzpatrick MP opened the event followed by Baroness Pola Uddin. Jeremy Corbyn MP also joined in, along with the Deputy Leader for Tower Hamlets, Josh Peck. Former stars from the TV show The Apprentice – Tre Azam, Ghazal Asif and Syed Ahmed – also took part in the relay.

Most People To Run a 100m Relay in 12 HoursRizwan Khaliq, CEO of IF Charity, declared that the event had been a great success and a large amount of money had been raised for Save the Children’s Gaza Appeal. He added: “This was a huge challenge, and to achieve this world record right here in the heart of London’s East End where, in four years’ time, we will host the biggest sporting event in the world – the 2012 Games – is a fantastic achievement for London and the UK.”

Most People To Run a 100m Relay in 12 Hours

The record attempt was verified by official Guinness World Records Adjudicators Aleksandr Vypirailenko and Aadil Ahmed.

24 May 2009

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